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The availability and use of illegal drugs and prescription narcotics has increased in Mexico, and this country has subsequently experienced a spike in the number of cases of abuse, addiction and overdose. Mexico officials have long blamed the U.S. for its appetite for drugs, saying this type of demand has fueled Mexico’s spiraling problem with turf wars, border violence and gang-related murders throughout the country. Historically, the U.S. has had a much bigger problem with drug abuse and addiction, but officials report that tougher U.S. border patrol efforts keep some drugs out of the U.S. This means these addicting drugs stay in Mexico and are sold to its citizens. Authorities say Mexico has transitioned from being a country that mainly transports drugs elsewhere to a country where more and more people are using them.

Mexico’s laws regarding controlled substances are similar to those in the U.S. but pharmaceutical opiates nonetheless may be quite easy to obtain. The availability of Mexico drug detox lags behind what the U.S. has to offer because prescription opiate addiction is a relatively recent problem. Many programs are run by the Mexican government and may not provide comprehensive care. The demand for private drug addiction treatment has caused many Mexican residents to travel to the states. Some officials say there aren’t nearly enough detox facilities to serve the growing number of people needing detox. The addiction experts involved in the U.S.-based Waismann Method detox don’t pass judgment on patients who become dependent upon their prescription medication. Mexico opiate dependence is becoming more serious by the day. Mexican residents needing safe, quick opiate detox have trusted Waismann Method for more than 10 years.

Waismann Method

Prescription painkiller and heroin addiction are problematic in many areas of the world. While they are serious in nature, these conditions can be treated safely and successfully. Waismann Method’s program is centered in southern California, where people from around the world check in weekly for expert rapid opiate detox. The procedure involves the use of intravenous medicine to cleanse the drugs from patients’ opiate receptors. This happens while they rest under light anesthesia in a hospital. Withdrawal is managed because symptoms develop and pass during the procedure, which lasts less than two hours. Fear of withdrawal is usually the number one reason why people avoid getting help, but Waismann Method’s detox can eliminate that fear. Patients are then monitored while they recover for a few days. Upon discharge, they are opiate-free and can return home. Some may choose to extend recovery at Waismann Institute’s Domus Retreat for aftercare. Here, they can take part in therapeutic and holistic therapies to further their success.

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