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Opiate dependence in the United Kingdom is on the rise, as it is in many parts of the world. The availability of medications such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine and methadone has skyrocketed in recent years as more and more doctors are prescribing opiates for chronic pain disorders and other conditions. Opiate dependence is hardly ever the fault of the patient. Many cases of United Kingdom opiate dependence originate with a legitimate prescription for a particular drug. A tolerance can develop after prolonged use and patients will need more and more of the drug to achieve the same effect. Use can escalate at this point and patients may soon turn to illegal means of diversion such as doctor shopping, forging prescriptions or buying these drugs on the street. The Internet also provides an avenue for distribution of opiates. There are plenty of unscrupulous sites out there, selling these controlled substances without requiring a valid prescription. This is very risky because some sites sell outdated or counterfeit opiates, some of which have been made with dangerous ingredients.

Most people take opiate painkillers for their intended purpose but some do so recreationally for the euphoria or high they can produce. Opiate treatment facilities throughout the UK have reported an increase in the number of patients seeking opiate detox. While the United Kingdom has many treatment facilities that provide adequate care, many people with prescription painkiller addiction end up in a methadone clinic. This may work for some people but methadone is a synthetic opioid that weans patients off other opiates. This means it can be habit forming too and maintenance with this medication can last years. People who suffer this form of addiction do best when they can be detoxed completely – once and for all – from opiates. One reason people might put off detox is the fear of withdrawal. The right program will provide a managed withdrawal without furthering patients’ opiate dependence.

Waismann Method

Waismann Method in southern California has treated thousands of patients from the United Kingdom and around the world for opiate dependence. We have spent more than a decade perfecting our medical procedure, which is renowned in the field of opiate treatment. We are known for our quick, safe, effective and humane opiate treatment. We never make our patients feel bad for their condition because we know how widespread this problem has become among well-intentioned people seeking relief from pain. We use non-addicting medication to cleanse the drugs intravenously from patients’ opiate receptors. This happens while patients are under general anesthesia and while an accelerated withdrawal plays out. This means that most – if not all – of symptoms are gone once patients awaken a short time later. This takes less then two hours and patients awaken, opiate free, without awareness they experienced withdrawal. Patients are monitored for a few days and can return home or transition in our Domus Retreat aftercare facility.

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