Drug Detox

Often the first step in a drug rehab program, drug detoxification could include any number of intervention strategies aimed at ridding users of addictive substances. Whatever detox process is used, the goal is to lessen the drugs’ physical effects on users. Detox itself isn’t designed to target the other complex aspects of addiction,

including psychological, social and behavioral health. Detox is often paired with other therapies to address these issues. Most detox programs begin by evaluating the patient to see if the drug is present in the body and whether there are other medical or psychological issues to address.

In some cases, stabilizing the patient requires medication to ease the physical and mental symptoms so common with many drugs. Rapid detox programs are available to help patients recover quickly. Some are able to accomplish detoxification in a way that allows users to essentially skip the withdrawal phase. Once detox is complete, patients are urged to enroll in some type of aftercare program to help them achieve and maintain sustained sobriety.

Treatment And Withdrawal

Detox should take place in a medically-supervised facility. Detox from opiates like heroin, OxyContin, Lortab and Vicodin requires close supervision. Many programs provide both detox and rehabilitation services to help patients deal with sober living and the consequences of withdrawal. Many users delay seeking help for a drug problem because of the intense cravings and physical and mental withdrawal that sets in.

Depending on the drug and severity of the problem, withdrawal symptoms vary widely. They can include tremors, sleeplessness, anxiousness, flu-like symptoms, tremors, hallucination, delirium, sweating, muscle and bone pain, confusion, extreme irritability and muscle spasms.

Detox Should Be Closely Monitored
With traditional programs, the detoxification process can last a few days, depending on the drug and the length and frequency of use. It could be very dangerous for users to attempt to detox on their own. Serious medical issues could arise that require medical attention such as high blood pressure, seizure, hallucinations and convulsions.

Many detox centers provide clients with a safe, secure facility where their physical discomfort can be managed. Detox and rehabilitation are not easy, but finding the right place can make all the difference.

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