How to Get Off Fentanyl

Expert help is available for those who’ve developed a problem with the painkiller fentanyl. This very strong opioid medication comes in two forms. The first is the fentanyl pain patch more commonly known as Duragesic. The other is Actiq, a lollipop-like lozenge that contains the narcotic analgesic. Both forms of fentanyl are very powerful and have the ability to lead to habitual use, dependence, addiction and overdose. Safe use of fentanyl is so important but many patients find they’ve become dependent on it after a tolerance builds up with regular use. This is not their fault. Because fentanyl can produce intense feelings of euphoria and wellbeing, some people use it recreationally. Misuse or abuse of fentanyl can make it especially hard to detox from, unless professional help is involved. Waismann Institute of southern California provides the most comprehensive and compassionate treatment for fentanyl addiction. You no longer need to suffer the pain of a fentanyl withdrawal on your journey to recovery.

Safe Fentanyl Detox by Waismann Institute Can Be Accomplished Quickly

Waismann’s medical experts have spent more than a decade treating thousands of people who’ve become dependent upon their opiate pain medication. Our goal is to safely detox patients from their physical addiction and manage withdrawal to ensure comfort. We do this using our innovative procedure known as Waismann Method. Performed in a hospital, this procedure cleanses the fentanyl from patients’ opiate receptors using intravenous and oral medicine. This takes less than two hours and patients rest comfortably under deep sedation during the procedure. An accelerated withdrawal syndrome develops and passes while patients are sedated. This allows them to essentially skip a painful opiate withdrawal that can include symptoms ranging from mild to painful, even dangerous. They awaken free of fentanyl addiction and without conscious awareness they experienced withdrawal. The total hospital stay is usually 3 to 6 days and patients can decide to return home after being discharged. Transitional living is offered for others through our optional aftercare facility, Domus Retreat.

Waismann Detox: Long-Term Recovery Without Risk of Opiate Replacements

Waismann Institute never uses opiate replacement therapy to detox our patients. Medications such as Suboxone and methadone are designed to wean patients off opiates but this therapy can be long-term. These replacement medications are opiates as well and can swap one dependency for another. Patients may then need another detox. Getting off fentanyl can be accomplished without this risk. When safety, comfort and compassion matter, Waismann Institute can provide the utmost in opiate addiction care.

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