Heroin Detox

Many people who become dependent upon heroin or other opiates feel like there’s no hope for recovery. This is simply not true, as great advances have been made in recent years in the field of addiction science. It’s true that heroin is an illegal narcotic that has a strong grip that can start at first use. But, there are extremely effective detox programs that can eliminate suffering and bring about lasting recovery.

Heroin can be physically and psychologically addicting. It used to be that people thought of heroin users as hardened addicts who had no willpower and were bent on self-destruction. Heroin addiction can affect anyone, and people from all walks of life have found themselves in this predicament. As many professionals can attest, one reason for this is because prescription painkillers such as OxyContin can be a gateway to heroin use. It’s often cheaper and easier to obtain on the black market.

The disease of heroin addiction is progressive and doesn’t usually get better on its own. People may try to stop taking heroin for a period, but many return to use when opiate withdrawal sets in. This can be a physically and psychologically difficult time, as symptoms can include strong cravings, flu-like symptoms, insomnia, anxiety and agitation.

Heroin Addiction Treatment Options

There are multiple methods of treatment available. Some choose opiate substitution therapy with Suboxone or Methadone. These replacement medications are opiates that can help patients slowly titrate their use and avoid a strong withdrawal from heroin. Opiate substitution therapy can be used for a determined length of time or others opt for long term use. This helps people get off heroin, but because they are opiates themselves it can cause dependency and addiction, requiring detox from that medication. There may be some who want to rid themselves completely of opiates and may seek other options such as inpatient detox or rehab. These treatment options offer various methods, practices and modalities in helping the patient detox and go through the withdrawal from heroin.

Waismann Treatment Has Success In Detoxing Patients

Waismann Method rapid detox for heroin flushes the body of opiates while the patient sleeps through the withdrawal process. Upon waking, there is no conscious remembrance of the withdrawal while going through the detox procedure. The rapid detox allows individuals to become opiate free and return to work in a shorter period of time than traditional rehabs or detoxes. Waismann Treatment offers no judgment against people who become dependent upon opiates. We believe that patients deserve respect and every aspect of the program is designed to help them maintain their dignity and privacy.

People from around the world have chosen our program because:

1) We pioneered the rapid detox procedure and have more than 14 years experience in the field.
2) We have the highest safety and success ratings in the field.
3) Most patients in our program are able to maintain recovery long term.

Read More About Rapid Detox

Heroin detox by Waismann Method is a humane treatment that begins with thorough medical testing. Patients are admitted to a southern California hospital, where they are evaluated to see which detox method will serve them best. If they are cleared for our rapid detox procedure, intravenous medication will be given to wipe out the heroin dependency at the receptor sites.

This type of treatment takes less than two hours while patients stay in the hospital for 2 to 4 days. All patients are transitioned to our aftercare program offered in our renowned Domus Retreat facility. Here, patients are pampered and given the opportunity to rest and recover. Aftercare is an important part of the process because it gives us a chance to help patients in their transition. This helps us to address any physical, psychological or emotional issues while eliminating immediate medical complications and relapse.

When choosing a rapid opiate detox program, read more about safety, risks and complications.

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