Lortab Rehab

Lortab is the combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen, used to treat moderate to severe pain. The narcotic painkiller can be habit-forming, leading to development of tolerance, physical and/or psychological addiction and overdose. Lortab rehab refers to the programs and services available to treat addiction to the drug.  The nature of opiate addiction demands that it be treated in a safe, controlled and supervised medical facility. Prolonged abstinence can rarely be achieved without proper detox which rids the body of the drug. Withdrawal symptoms develop during detox and can be quite painful. Many people put off getting help because they fear withdrawal, but the right rehab can minimize, even eliminate, these symptoms. The Waismann Method of rapid detox offers premiere Lortab detox that’s based on science. Some other rehabs base their programs on talk therapy, faith or the 12-step model. While these might work for some, most people need comprehensive medical treatment to get better.

Give Us 2 to 4 Days and We’ll Give You Your Life Back

Waismann Method’s rapid opiate detox eliminates Lortab from key receptors while managing withdrawal to ensure safety and comfort. We know you don’t have weeks or months to spend in rehab, let alone the lifetime membership required by some programs. We treat patients quickly and effectively so you can return to a productive life in a matter of 2 to 4 days. Our medical procedure takes less than two hours and is performed by anesthesiologists and supportive medical personnel in the safety of a hospital. Around-the-clock monitoring takes place before and after the procedure which uses intravenous medication to cleanse Lortab from patients’ receptors. This happens while they sleep lightly under deep sedation for a short time. Patients awake without the awareness they experienced an accelerated withdrawal, grateful to put that experience behind them. Unlike some other rehabs, we don’t participate in opiate replacement therapy with Suboxone or methadone. We know that swapping on potentially-addictive medication for another can set patients up for further problems.

Waismann Method Gives You the Power to Overcome Lortab Addiction

The Waismann Method of rapid detox recognizes opiate dependence as a central nervous system disorder caused by continuous opiate intake. Many other rehab facilities view it as a psychological disorder or a result of personal weakness. We Pride ourselves on offering compassionate and humane treatment for addiction to opiates including Lortab, Lorcet and Norco. We don’t label you an addict for life or force you to attend meetings the rest of your life. We also promise we won’t use guilt or shame in our treatment process. In addition to the 2 to 4 days our program requires, patients can choose to continue recovery at our Domus Retreat transitional living facility. Here, you will learn what’s needed to effectively transition back to an opiate-free life while enjoying therapeutic and holistic services. These include massage, biofeedback, counseling and access to a private chef who can address underlying nutritional deficiencies. Waismann Method and Domus Retreat protect your privacy at all costs.

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