Sep 29, 2010

Lindsay Lohan back in rehab, what type of treatment can the actress expect?



With Lindsay Lohan back in rehab in Orange County, as Radar has confirmed, many are wondering what type of treatment the troubled actress can expect while there.

We spoke to addiction expert Clare W. Kavin, Administrative Director of the Waismann Method, who gave us some insight as to what Lindsay could be facing during her stint at rehab.

Kavin explains that the best way to treat Lohan is in a long-term in-patient program. “Lindsay’s past has demonstrated that short-term treatment simply does not work for her.  Her judgment is clearly impaired and when given the freedom to form her own choices, she unfortunately does not make the best decisions for herself.” She said.

The starlet should also expect to get some emotional support and have a dependency assessment. Kavin believes that finding the root cause of Lohan’s need to get high from drugs will help her in abstaining from them.

“I believe that finding out what it is that Lindsay’s missing, getting to the real root of the problem and treating the cause, will ultimately help her abstain from medicating herself.” Kavin added.

Staying away from enabler friends is also necessary if she’s to get clean once and for all.

“In order for treatment to be truly effective for her, Lindsay needs to remove herself from the unhealthy environment she is currently living in.” Kavin insists.

Getting treatment from a real hands-on facility, rather than a luxurious celebrity rehab establishment, is best for getting the actress clean. She needs to see herself as a “girl with weaknesses who, regardless of money ad fame, is susceptible to pain and harm.” Kavin concluded.

While Kavin is not a doctor treating Lindsay, she’s had over a decade of experience in treating drug and alcohol addiction cases. Hopefully the Mean Girls star will get the right treatment this time around and start living a sober life before it’s too late.

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