Methadone Rehab

Addiction to prescription medication is a struggle for millions of people world-wide. Methadone is often used in a rehab or detox setting to help wean patients from their addictions to other drugs. The problem is that patients can also become physically and psychologically dependent upon methadone. It works by diminishing the craving for narcotic drugs such as heroin and is considered to be a “replacement” or “substitute” medication. Methadone is an opiate that can also be prescribed for pain in some situations. Rehab is a blanket term used to describe the services and facilities available to treat different aspects of drug or alcohol addiction. The Waismann Method offers expert medical detox and never uses replacement drugs like methadone or Suboxone to treat addiction. Patients who come to us, looking for a safe, quick and confidential way to detox from methadone dependence can do so in a matter of days. Our humane approach to rehab doesn’t view you as an addict for life, powerless over your own actions. We know you’ve suffered and we’re here to end that now.

Comprehensive Methadone Detox Offered by Waismann Method

We start by thoroughly testing patients to rule out underlying conditions. Our team of anesthesiologists and doctors then administers intravenous medication to cleanse the methadone from patients’ opiate receptors. This happens while they sleep lightly under sedation for a short time. When patients awake, they have no recollection that they experienced an accelerated opiate withdrawal syndrome while they were under. This elimination of most withdrawal symptoms is the key to our success. Patients no longer have to fear the suffering and anguish of a painful withdrawal. The procedure takes less than two hours and our total required hospital stay is 2 to 4 days. We monitor our patients around the clock and never send them home or to a hotel to recover as some other facilities do. Our thorough and compassionate detox has unparalleled safety and success rates.

How We Differ From Other Methadone Rehabs

Our goal is to build you back up and get you back to the opiate-free life you deserve. Our medical approach to opiate detoxification is safe, effective and comprehensive. The Waismann Method recognizes methadone addiction as a central nervous system disorder, caused by continuous intake of the drug. We use the most advanced medical biotechnology available today to end drug dependency. Our scientific approach is applicable for anyone and we use therapy as part of the recovery process. Some programs are religion-based or focus on behavior modification only. Many have a narrow approach to treating opiate dependency that keeps you believing you will always be an addict. Most of our patients become addicted after a legitimate need for medication results in the development of tolerance. This means more and more needs to be taken to achieve results. We never use blame or guilt in our recovery program and we don’t require lifelong attendance at meetings or sessions.

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