Methadone Side Effects

Taking Methadone can cause a host of side effects that can vary from person to person. Taking it inappropriately or recreationally can increase the chances of serious side effects, overdose or death. Methadone is a narcotic medication used to manage pain and lessen withdrawal symptoms of opiate addiction. Because it is an opiate, Methadone may also lead to dependence and addiction, resulting in the need for a second detox. Like other narcotics, Methadone can slow your breathing, a side effect that can be dangerous. It’s imperative that users take Methadone exactly as prescribed.

Many Substances Can Interact with Methadone, Causing Serious Side Effects

Methadone can cause side effects that impair thinking and reactions. Alcohol should not be used in conjunction with Methadone and it’s advised that patients check all food and drink labels to make sure alcohol is not an ingredient. Using alcohol and Methadone at the same time can cause serious side effects, even death. Methadone should not be used with other narcotic drugs. Many drugs, including opiates, can interact with other drugs, alcohol, herbal supplements and minerals. It’s important to talk to a doctor about everything you take in order to avoid serious side effects. Dangerous side effects could develop if Methadone is taken with sedatives, tranquilizers or muscle relaxers.
Allergic Reaction to Methadone and Other Serious Side Effects Can Be Deadly
An allergic reaction to Methadone can be deadly. Seek help right away if you develop hives or notice swelling of the lips, face, tongue or throat. Other serious side effects include shallow or slowed breathing, confusion, hallucinations, lightheadedness, fainting, chest pain, dizziness or rapid heartbeat. Less serious side effects that have been documented include restlessness, nervousness, anxiety, weakness, drowsiness, sleep disturbances or insomnia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite, dry mouth, decreased sex drive and impotence.

Opiate-Free Methadone Treatment is Safe, Reliable and Humane

Methadone addiction can be managed with a proper medical detox. The Waismann Method of rapid detox offers safe, reliable and highly-successful opiate rapid detox. For more than a decade, we have treated thousands of people addicted to opiates including Methadone, morphine, heroin, OxyContin , Fentanyl, Stadol and Codeine. Our renowned procedure can get you opiate free in a matter of days. Safety and comfort are our top priorities and patients leave our program with their dignity intact. We don’t use opiate replacement therapy to treat an opiate addiction. Special medications cleanse patients’ opiate receptors while they sleep lightly under deep sedation. The process eliminates a painful withdrawal, as symptoms are accelerated and take place while patients are under. If you or someone you know has a Methadone addiction, specialized medical treatment is necessary to avoid serious side effects and painful withdrawal.

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