How To Get Off Morphine

Have you become dependent upon your pain medication? When you try to stop do you develop uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, body tremors and strong drug cravings? Perhaps you’ve tried on your own to get off morphine or other opiates. These opiates are powerful painkillers but can also lead to dependence and addiction. Getting off morphine often requires professional medical assistance to ensure safety and to make patients comfortable during detox. Morphine is a narcotic analgesic used to treat moderate to severe pain. It also has a high profile as a drug of abuse. Most people become dependent after legitimate use escalates when a tolerance develops. Once the drug’s effects are diminished many people begin taking more and more. Of course there are also those people who use it recreationally in order to experience a sense of euphoria or a high. Morphine should always be taken exactly as directed by a doctor to avoid all possible complications.

Detox, Rehab and Opiate Replacement Therapy are Options to Consider Carefully

There are many options when it comes to getting off morphine. Some are safer than others and some have better success rates.  Plenty of these programs may not be safe at all. Opiate withdrawal can be brutal and should not be attempted without medical help. There are many clinics popping up around the country, offering morphine detox via methadone or Suboxone. These opiate replacements are used to wean patients and manage withdrawal. The problem with these medications is that they’re synthetic opioids as well, meaning patients can become dependent upon them also. This can basically mean that these clinics are replacing one addiction with another. Other options for getting off morphine include going “cold turkey” which is a bad idea and can be dangerous. Others may choose to enroll in detox or rehab programs, some which can require fairly long-term commitments.

Morphine Withdrawal Can Be Managed to Ensure Comfort

Another option offers a promising alternative to long-term therapy. Waismann Institute in California provides the safest, most humane morphine treatment with our rapid opiate detox. We use intravenous medication in a hospital to rid patients of their physical addiction to morphine. This takes less than two hours and the procedure happens while patients sleep lightly under general deep sedation. The procedure accelerates withdrawal and patients awaken without the awareness they even experienced withdrawal symptoms. This managed withdrawal gives patients a dignified recovery and allows them to return to their lives, families and careers free of the restraints of addiction. We want to end dependency quickly and safely, in the most compassionate and comfortable manner. Patients are admitted for 3 to 6 days and they can return home once discharged. Others may decide to continue treatment at our optional Domus Retreat for transitional living.

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