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The Waismann Method Medical Group are the leaders of rapid detox with almost 15 years of experience and thousands of successful patients. We realize that all patients do not require an intensive level of detoxification; therefore we offer a range of medical detox options to optimize treatment success and safety. We customize an effective rapid detox treatment or other forms of medical detoxification for any individual, based on his/her individual needs.

How Much is Rapid Detox and Medical Detox?

In most cases the cost for WAISMANN METHOD® rapid detox treatment or our other forms of medical detox are $12,800 to $22,800 for a 4  to 10 days inpatient. The cost and length of stay is based on the patient’s medical and dependency history, and will be determined by the medical staff prior to admission. Patients are usually in the hospital for one to three nights, with the remainder of the time at the Domus Retreat (www.domusretreat.com), where we work with the emotional health of our patients, while the medical staff supervises the physical transition.

If you evaluate the benefits of the unsurpassed safety provided, full service accredited hospital, 15 years of experience, private rooms throughout the stay, high-quality medical care, and customized attention that WAISMANN METHOD ® treatment offers, in addition to the five to ten days inpatient, our treatment is not only the best value but the only choice when safety and wellbeing is a priority.

Our patients know that their safety is our number one priority and is never compromised during their stay. The benefits and added services of WAISMANN METHOD ® treatment make our program significantly less expensive and more successful than other treatment programs. We take pride in caring for our patients 24/7 and offer them unparalleled care and attention throughout their entire stay with us, to help make their road to living opiate-free safe, comfortable, and successful.

We offer the option of longer term aftercare treatments based on availability and assessment.

Please call us today to learn more and find out the opiate addiction treatment program that is right for you.  (310) 205-0808.


  • Expert Staff in Full-Service JCAHO Accredited Hospital:  Waismann Method® medical detoxification and rapid detox treatment utilizes the most advanced medical techniques available for opiate dependency and drug abuse, which our doctors have been perfecting for almost 15 years, with a success rate of around 70% of patients opiate-free after 1 year. Our patients are treated with the utmost dignity and respect by board-certified anesthesiologists in a full-service accredited hospital in Southern California.  Other medical experts, including  cardiologists, radiologists, nurses, physician’s assistants, therapists, and addiction medicine specialists form a united team to treat the wide spectrum of each patient’s individual needs. Admission to the hospital at least a day before a rapid detox procedure is the necessary time to conduct proper medical screening, hydration and pre-medication. 
  • Rigorous Safety Protocol for Rapid Detox Under Sedation: Our patients usually spend 2 to 4 days in the hospital to ensure a thorough and safe medical detox  with the most rigorous safety protocol. Medical specialists, including cardiologists, neurologists, and gastroenterologists, are immediately available to treat patients with varied medical histories during their stay in the hospital.  Accelerated withdrawal symptoms occur within hours instead of days, and under sedation so that the patient is unaware of the withdrawal that occurred during the procedure.  The procedure has been perfected to minimize the duration of sedation, only 1-2 hours.  Patients return to normal life within days. General anesthesia is unnecessary for rapid detox treatment, and procedures that place patients under for four to eight hours are archaic. Waismann Method® achieves rapid detoxification using moderate sedation, avoiding general anesthesia and its associated risks.
  • Intake  Assessment:  Before each patient arrives, our medical staff performs a  assessment by phone to discuss treatment option based on patients age, medical history, drug of choice, length of dependency ant etc. At that time medical detox, rapid detox and other forms of treatment are discuss and determined to eliminate the chances of surprises or additional charges once the patient is admitted.
  • No Opiate Replacement Drugs: We perform complete opiate detoxification and do not use substitution drugs, such as Suboxone. Our goal is to safely and comfortably eliminate all opiates from the brain and body.
  • Recovery Program:  When patients are discharged from the hospital they are transferred  to Domus Retreat where we work with the emotional health of our patients, while the medical staff supervises the physical transition. Opiate dependency causes numerous changes in brain chemistry and organ functions, so after the procedure it is paramount that patients are monitored properly for at least a few days in order to regulate basic functions and prevent medical complications and immediate relapse. Patients who are immediately sent home or to hotel rooms to recover are at much higher risk for serious complications such as dehydration, pulmonary/cardiac events and even death, because they don’t have qualified medical professionals to evaluate and treat potential medical emergencies.
  • After Care: We offer a complete recovery program with the option to continue for 1-4 weeks in our transition treatment center, Domus Retreat.  Here, patients can be monitored by our staff, receive individually prepared meals, biofeedback therapy, massage therapy, pain management assessment and counseling in a warm, comfortable, and caring environment.
  • Dignity and Respect for All:  Waismann Method ® provides the safest, most humane treatment for opiate detoxification, based on a treatment foundation of dignity and respect for the patients.  We empathize with our patients, rather than convey shame or guilt, and provide any necessary means of comfort to ensure their recovery.  We view drug dependency as a medical disorder, not as a personality failure or social stigma, as more archaic, traditional drug addiction treatment programs believe. Instead, we utilize all forms of medical, psychological, emotional, and social professional resources to provide comfort, support, and healing for as long as our patients need to achieve complete recovery.

The All-Inclusive Benefits and Uniquely Tailored Services Offered by Waismann Method ®:

Waismann Method treatments are tailored to meet each patient’s individual medical and dependency needs.  Typically patients who participate in Waismann Method ® treatment stay with us for a total of five to ten days.  This stay usually includes two to three days as an in-patient for the detoxification procedure, and two to seven days in our aftercare facility, Domus Retreat.

Patients are usually with us for a total of 5 to 10 days. We provide professional care and assistance 24/7 in our facilities at no extra charge. 

Before each patient arrives, our medical staff performs an assessment. The cost of rapid detox or other medical detox options through the Waismann Method ® treatment is all-inclusive, and offers multiple unique benefits and safety protocol, not offered by any other opiate detoxification treatment and vital to the well-being of the patient.

Detailed Benefits and Services Usually Included in Waismann Method Treatment Cost:

  • Pre- and post-treatment hospital and medical costs. Patients are treated in a full-service accredited hospital. During their stay, patients receive:
  • Private room at the hospital
    • Patients are admitted at least a day before rapid detox for a comprehensive physical examination before   treatment. Is IMPERATIVE that patients who have abused their organs have the proper cardio and pulmonary assessment.
    • A pre-medication treatment to stabilize functions for a smooth detoxification .
    • Waismann Method ® rapid detoxification treatment or medical detoxification if indicated in our ICU unit.
    • Post-detoxification treatment and recuperation at the medical floor in our hospital, which requires an additional day’s   to ensure physical stability.
  • All food, transportation and lodging during the treatment and at the aftercare facility.
  • Aftercare at Domus Retreat. Customized care for each patient can include:
  •  Anxiety Assessment
  • Pain Management
  • Depression Assessment
    • Private suites
    • Massages
    • Acupuncture
    • Psychotherapy
    • Neuro-feedback
    • Yoga classes
    • Anger management counseling
    • 24-hour specialized patient care
    • Personalized nutritional meals prepared by professional chefs

All of the benefits and comforts offered by WAISMANN METHOD ® treatment are unique to our program, and are designed to eliminate as much anxiety and stress for patients as possible. By determining all rapid detox cost requirements upfront and taking care of all major and minor details, patients are able to truly focus on their recovery. Unlike other treatment programs, WAISMANN METHOD ® patients don’t have to worry about transportation, lodging, or food, companion which is extremely important, especially for patients who are traveling from out of town. Other treatment programs may start at a low price, but add fees for basic services that are imperative for the patient’s wellbeing before and after the procedure.

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