Suboxone Addiction Facts

Despite what you may have heard, Suboxone treatment for opiate addiction isn’t the best option for most people. Replacing an opiate such as OxyContin with another opiate might make sense to some in the medical field. But for many addiction experts who understand the disease, it doesn’t make sense at all.

Suboxone use can also result in dependency and addiction. People who suffer with opiate addiction need – and deserve – to be free of opiates once and for all. Some important facts about Suboxone that can help you understand how it works:


  • Use of this drug can go on for years and many people are desperate to get off it.
  • Some say as little as three months’ use of Suboxone can lead to serious dependency issues.
  • Suboxone, or “sub,” as many refer to it, is made up of buprenorphine, which acts as an opiate replacement. It also contains naloxone to guard against misuse.
  • Suboxone is meant to curb the cravings and prevent a person from going into opiate withdrawal.
  • Some experts say Suboxone is more potent – and more difficult to get off – than methadone.
  • Opiate addiction – including Suboxone addiction – best responds to detox, the process wherein addiction is ridded from the body.

Detox Without Help Can Be A Long, Hard Road That Ends In Relapse

Trying to go off Suboxone “cold turkey” can be very difficult and may in fact be dangerous. Opiate withdrawal is not pleasant and can lead to symptoms including: shakes, insomnia, profuse sweating, muscle aches and pains, anxiety, vomiting and diarrhea.

Waismann Method Treatment Has Incredible Success With Suboxone Detox

Withdrawal can be tough to weather alone and many people who attempt it relapse. Suboxone was intended to be the cure for opiate addiction but it didn’t take long before people started seeing it in a different life. Suboxone abuse and Suboxone addiction are problems that were unforeseen when it was developed and released to market.

It’s not that people who can’t stop taking opiates are weak. They have such a strong pull and can alter the mind and body in such a way that it’s nearly impossible to quit. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have hope.

Waismann Method Treatment has been helping people overcome opiate addiction since 1999. The company is renowned for its safety protocols and success rate. A high percentage of patients in the program remain opiate free after one year.

This success is due to the thoroughness of the program. Waismann Method addresses the physical and psychological components of Suboxone addiction. The company uses rapid detox, a process that includes intravenous medications administered in a hospital while patients are deeply sedated. They awaken with the physical addiction eliminated and most or all of withdrawal behind them. Transitioning takes place in Domus Retreat facility in Southern California to prepare patients for life after opiates.

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