Dangers of Buying Vicoprofen Online Without a Prescription

If you have tried to buy the narcotic medication Vicoprofen online, chances are you’ve seen the websites offering sales without a prescription or at a deep discount. These websites should not be trusted as the companies behind them may be operating illegally. Vicoprofen and other opiates are potent medications used to treat moderate to severe pain. They all have the potential to be habit forming and can lead to dependence, addiction, interactions and overdose. Vicoprofen contains ibuprofen, a non-narcotic pain reliever and the main ingredient is hydrocodone which is a narcotic analgesic. The tablets should be prescribed by a doctor and filled at a trusted pharmacy. Some people try to buy the medication online but don’t know if they’re really getting Vicoprofen unless they are dealing with a licensed U.S. pharmacy that follows federal prescribing guidelines. Consumers must protect themselves from the Internet companies that are out to make money by selling counterfeit or compromised Vicoprofen.

How to Protect Yourself When Trying to Buy Opiates Online

Some websites claim to be located in the U.S. but are not. Many are overseas or in Mexico. Some of these sites sell fake or out-of-date medications. Other problems include selling Vicoprofen or other opiates that are: too strong or not strong enough; made with dangerous ingredients and additives; not checked for safety and effectiveness according to U.S. standards; and those that are not labeled, shipped or stored correctly. A licensed U.S. pharmacy will follow FDA regulations, will always ask for a prescription for Vicoprofen and will list thorough contact information including a legitimate address and working telephone number. These sites will also have a pharmacist available to answer questions or address problems. When in doubt, customers can determine whether a particular pharmacy is legitimate by checking a registry on the web site of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy at

Humane Vicoprofen Detox Offered by Waismann Institute

Many websites offering Vicoprofen for sale are catering to people who abuse or are addicted to the drug. These folks may be engaging in doctor shopping or buying meds online to secure a large supply. Some people even turn around and sell the tablets because they are hot on the black market. Vicoprofen addiction is serious and should be treated professionally as opiates are hard to detox from without help. The Waismann Institute is a renowned opiate detox facility based in southern California. We offer Vicoprofen treatment that is safe, effective and discreet. We believe in treating our patients humanely. This is why our detox helps control withdrawal to minimize pain and suffering. We use intravenous medication to cleanse the drug from patients’ opiate receptors. This happens while patients rest under deep sedation and takes less than two hours. Our detox accelerates withdrawal symptoms which pass while patients are sedated. Patients typically stay in the hospital a total of 3 to 6 days and can return home once discharged. We also offer transitional living in our Domus Retreat.

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