Waismann Method

Waismann Method of Detoxification and Treatment


Leader in The Field of Opiate Treatment

The Waismann Method Medical Group is a global leader in the development of effective and safe approaches to overcoming opiate addiction and dependence to drugs like heroin and OxyContin. Patients from all over the world come to our single location in California for treament because they know they can rely on the safety standards, commitment and unsurpassed care that is provided.

Establishing itself as a leader in the field with the development of rapid detox, a procedure that rids the body of harmful opiates while the patient rests comfortably under sedation. Today, the professionals in this medical group perform a number of opiate addiction treatment procedures, including rapid detox, that reduce withdrawal symptoms and other complications associated with detoxification.

Different Methods of Medical Detoxification

The professionals in the Waismann Method Medical Group perform opiate detoxification in a number of different ways to fit the specific needs of individual patients. The W Method can offer such individualized care because it operates a wide variety of facilities within easy reach to the patients who arrive for treatment. Facilities include a full service hospital staffed with a large number of specialists from different fields.

Another facility, Domus Retreat, is not a medical institution but rather a place where trained staff focus on the core physical and psychological issues that trap individuals in cycles of opiate addiction. The opiate rehabilitation program there offers one-on-one psychotherapy, consultations with physicians and certified physician assistants, medication management when necessary, and 24/7 patient assistant staff. Other opiate treatment approaches include acupuncture therapy, massage therapy, and patient education to enhance the healing process.

While confining the location of its opiate addiction treatment practice to California, the W Method offers its wide variety of detoxification services to patients from all 50 states. Doctors from across the nation frequently refer patients whose ill health prevents them from undergoing traditional detoxification procedures. The W Method doctors admit these patients to the private, JCAHO accredited hospital for slow, stress-free detoxification and close monitoring by a well-trained staff.

Each Treatment is Unique

The W Method also provides an intermediate level of care for patients whose dependence on opiates does not warrant sedation or anesthesia. This level of care is best for people who have been dependent on opiates for only a short time and who are in otherwise good physical health. These individuals typically spend a day at our hospital facility for general health monitoring by specialized professionals, who can also block the withdrawal response to make the opiate treatment process more comfortable. After detoxification, patients spend a few days at Domus Retreat to address any underlying emotional and physical needs that might complicate recovery.

The W Method relies on a wide variety of treatment approaches because each person experiences opiate dependence and recovery in a different way. Some become opiate dependent after recreational drug abuse; others find themselves dependent after using opiates prescribed for pain after a significant illness or injury. Aside from drug dependence, many people are in overall good health but physical and mental conditions can complicate opiate dependence. From youngsters to senior citizens, opiate-dependent individuals are different when it comes to recovery too – some benefit from hospitalization and long-term care while others cannot afford to take time away from work or family.

One  Location with the Highest Level of Care

Waismann Method Medical Group concentrates its efforts in Southern California where patients receive the best opiate addiction treatment available. We offer personalized treatment options unavailable anywhere else in the world. Our professionals can create an individualized treatment plan especially designed to help you or someone you love overcome opiate dependence.

Due to our success, some treatment centers try to imply that they are affiliated with us. This is our only location; we are NOT affiliated with nor have we trained any other doctors, clinics, rehabilitation facilities or hospitals anywhere else.